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Our Story

“ The Land Keeps Calling”

This sentiment has been held tight to the hearts over the generations on the Wolf family farm. Beginning in 1908 with the vision of clearing the land, Martin Wolf’s parents and grandparents made way for generations to share their love for the land, resting on a foundation of faith and hope, while sharing God’s goodness to family and those in our community.


As a child, Martin fondly remembers farm guests, some family and some strangers, who visited the farm for extended periods.  Martin’s parents, Mike and Mae, ensured that the farm be a place of safety and security to anyone in need, especially those who would benefit from encouragement in a faith-filled environment. Martin treasures those rich memories and aspires to do the same - provide hope, security, peace and learning opportunities for others in need. 


Martin and his wife Lucille, along with their family called this farm their home for over 65 years, retiring from dairy farming in 1995.  The farm then was transformed into an agri-tourism venue for thousands of guests who enjoyed the farm’s pumpkins patches, corn mazes, petting zoo, horse drawn wagon rides and sleigh rides. As a result of many guests’ recollections that the farm brought back wonderful memories of growing up in the country, the Wolf’s rebranded the farm name to Memory Lane Farm. In 2013, Martin and Lucille retired from agri-tourism to set their sights on new ventures. 


In 2015 another life-long dream revealed itself for Martin, a vision which aligned perfectly with that of his daughter and son-in-law, Beth and Doug Zarnke. The three independently had an overwhelming sense that the farm could be yet re-purposed beyond agri-tourism for something deeper and life-giving for children, adults and families. 


In 2017 AgriVenture Farm Camp was developed and launched for kids to experience a hands-on, farm-based learning experience.  Camp proved to be a wonderful catalyst to observe educational, emotional and restorative needs and desires of youth, adults and families in our community.  Non-profit status for Memory Lane Farm, Inc. was established in March 2019 with the goal of utilizing the farm to provide guests a faith-based space to learn and explore for their many different needs.   We are thrilled to see how many people are already benefiting from the farm, and excited at what the future holds for generations to come.

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