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AgriVenture Farm Camp

AgriVenture Farm Camp provides a faith-based experiential learning experience for youth in grades 3-6.  Our purpose is to inspire, support and encourage youth to explore the wonders of nature, agriculture and animals.  AgriVenture Farm Camp is a healthy outlet for kids to “get off the grid” for several hours per night, using their hands, heads and hearts to problem solve, learn and grow.  With research pointing to physical health and behavioral issues on the rise with our young people, camp offers an alternative to experience freedom from screen time to learning to live for a purpose and being exposed to a reverence for our land, nature, agriculture and animals.

The five program areas are Gardening, Natural Resources, Farm Animals, Woodworking, and Arts and Crafts. 

Camp will be held over 6 evening sessions during June 2024.  

*Limited scholarships may be available - please contact us at 715-897-7187 or email for more information.


Camp Objectives

  • To provide a faith-based setting for youth and families to feel safe, accepted and have a sense of belonging.

  • To create diverse learning opportunities where the values of respect for people, animals, plants and the environment are developed and strengthened.

  • To allow young people to find and develop their strengths.

  • To engage participants in exploring plant and animal science.

  • To help youth and their families become responsible stewards of the world in which they live.

Blazin' Boots Horse Camp


Blazin' Boots Horse Camp (BB1) is a hands-on learning experience for beginner horse lovers, ages 10 -14 years. Camp objectives are to provide a hands-on learning environment where youth learn about basic farm and horse safety, horse-human communication, equipment, anatomy, driving and riding.  Campers will also participate in crafts, games and other fun activities. Our goal is to allow young people to find and develop their strengths through building confidence and creativity.


Blazin' Boots Horse Camp (BB2) is a continuation of learning and exploring for graduates of BB1 Camp (ages 10-14).  The goal of BB2 camp is to provide additional education and opportunities to connect with the horses, through continued learning about safety, communication, equipment, driving and riding. Requisite for attending BB2 is completion of BB1 camp (previous or current year.)  Campers may attend both camps in the same year, if desired.




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