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Homestead Heroes

Are you grappling with haunting memories, feeling disconnected and vulnerable, or questioning your purpose in life? If so, you're not alone. Many veterans are confronting similar struggles.

Here at Memory Lane Farm, we extend a helping hand through our specialized mentoring program tailored specifically for veterans like yourself, and it's completely free. Engaging with our horses has proven to be a powerful catalyst for healing and renewal.

Healing isn't about erasing the past but understanding it, so you can confidently navigate the present and envision a future filled with hope. You've already faced the trials of combat; let us now assist you in adjusting to life back home.

Remember, brighter days lie ahead. With our support, you have the strength to not only overcome these obstacles but also flourish and thrive. You're stronger than you know!


Mentoring activities include meaningful time with horses and other farm animals, chores, nature walks, and other  activities. Each session is designed to be a relationally-based time and focused on personal goals.

Our horse partners naturally and intuitively facilitate human healing, personal growth, and the development of important life skills, including assertiveness, trust, healthy boundaries, willing partnership and emotional intelligence.  Horses are unbiased, non-judgmental and see us and accept us exactly as we are, without judgment or bias. Our horse partners challenge us to step up in a non-threatening way. You do not need to have any horse experience whatsoever to participate in or benefit from the Cultivating Hope Mentoring program.

We are not a professional counseling agency or offer therapy.   We believe that counseling/therapy is an important aspect of healing and encourage professional counseling, if needed or desired.

Sessions are free of charge for veterans. 


Our main requirement is a willingness from veterans to seek positive change in their lives. While we strive to accommodate as many participants as possible, there are a limited number of available sessions. We understand and respect that each individual faces unique challenges, and our Mentors are dedicated to tailoring sessions to meet their needs.

Scheduled Sessions
Please complete the following information and you will be contacted for further program information.

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